About Savannah Lodges

Savannah Lodges is the holding company for 4 properties currently:
 Buffalo Safari Lodge: an 11-room property in Queen Elizabeth Park. The lodge has a beautiful landscape, with a number of animals in the close proximity, including buffaloes, elephants, hippos, waterbucks and warthogs, all of which are regular visitors to the property – for hippos and warthogs, these plunge and wallow in the lodge private lake, which indeed is an awesome experience!
 Evra Inc., a square mile of property in Mubende specifically for commercial forestry.
 The Cinnamon: a private lodge on Entebbe Lodge being planned for 2020.
 NADIVA Apartments: a portfolio of residential properties.

The Lodge

Total 11 rooms
 6 double rooms (king size beds)
 2 Twin rooms (2 single size beds)
 2 Single rooms
 1 Triple room

 4 of the double rooms can be turned into Twin rooms or triple rooms
 Where 4 of the double rooms are turned into triple rooms, we can then have a total of 5 triples max.

Buffalo Safari Lodge is located at the magical Kazinga Channel 1km off Kasese Mbarara road with spectacular views the Kazinga Channel and the savannah plains of Queen Elizabeth National Park. The resort boasts of a serene environment comprising of spectacular flora and fauna like elephants, buffalos, hippos, warthogs and a variety of bird species all at a glance of an eye. The resort boosts of good and experienced staff, a fully stocked bar and restaurant with a lounge that gives a spectacular view of Lake Rubirizi and Kazinga channel.

There are a number of animals in the close proximity of the lodge including buffalos, elephants, hippos, waterbucks that are regular visitors to the lodge as the plunge and wallow in the pool close to the lodge. The animal sounds at night including hyenas, lions, hippos among others will make your stay at buffalo safari resort a memorable one.

With private land size of 24 acres stretching up to the lakes Edward and George, a large rustic restaurant and a permanent buffalo lake, all at your disposal, this indeed is a moment to savor the wilderness.


Located at Katungulu Bridge in Rubirizi district part of Bushenyi, and 1km off Kasese Mbarara in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

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